Five teething problems I experienced as a freelance health writer

teething problems as a freelance health writer

As soon as you make the call to run a freelance writing business, everything you know changes. As a new freelance health writer, the new routine (or lack of it) hit me pretty quickly. In the nervous euphoria of getting started, there were inevitable ups and downs. When I reflect on the start of my […]

Need a medical writing mentor? Five reasons to make me your mentor

Rachel | Freelance medical and healthcare copywriter | Standing in a London street holding a coffee

When I started my freelance health and medical writing business, I had no idea I would become a mentor to others, someone who people reached out to for support and guidance. At first, I was dedicated to nurturing leads and networking, ultimately focused on finding work. For some months it was non-stop as I sought […]

Downtime as a freelance health and medical writer

Rachel | Freelance medical and healthcare copywriter |

Being a freelancer can be full on. I’m here to tell you that you really do need some downtime. Anyone who has expectations of three-hour working weeks and instant six figures is in for a shock. The reality is you are running a business. That means there is always room to grow and evolve. It’s […]

Where do I find my clients as an experienced medical writer?

where do i find my clients as a medical writer

About a month ago, I posted on LinkedIn about how I find my clients, and the response was great. People clearly want to know where other writers are finding work – and rightly so. Let’s keep building each other up! For context, I am an experienced medical and health writer (and freelance writing mentor), with […]

Your freelance writing portfolio: three top tips to get it right

three top tips for freelance writing portfolio

As an experienced writer and mentor for other freelance writers, I often get asked about putting together a portfolio. In fact, I had a message in my inbox seeking pearls of portfolio wisdom just yesterday. As with everything freelance writing, there is a lot of guidance out there. I’m a believer in assessing all the […]

Ten tips to succeed as a freelance writer, whatever your niche

top tips to succeed as a freelance writer

It’s Monday morning. There’s another email in my LinkedIn inbox from a well-meaning recruiter, asking if I am interested in switching to a permanent role. This happens almost every Monday and my reply is always the same: I’m very happy freelancing, I’m not looking for a permanent role right now. In all honesty, I’m not […]

My Content Pillars as a freelance health and medical writer

health and medical writing projects

If you’ve decided to promote your business online, you will know all about content pillars. People talk about them all the time. And they are right to, because content pillars are so important.  If you’ve not done it already, I suggest you take the time to decide on your content pillars. Why? Because if you […]

Freelancing and mental health: top tips for seeking balance as a freelance writer

three top tips for freelance writing portfolio

This blog is about looking after your mental health as a freelancer. But, that’s not where this story starts. I’ve been working for communications agencies in writing and editing roles since I was 21.  What does this look like? Long hours, exciting work, travel, if you’re lucky. Expectations can be high. So can the rewards. […]

Learning to survive and thrive as a freelance mum and writer

teething problems as a freeelance writer

Next week, my second son starts nursery and I transition to full-time freelance mum and writer. He is likely our last baby, which makes this my penultimate week of maternity leave (perhaps, ever). Having spent nine months growing my freelance writing business before he arrived (incidentally, the same months I spent growing him), I am […]