How medical writers (and anyone else, for that matter) can help to combat pseudoscience

teething problems as a freeelance writer

Pseudoscience is everywhere. You simply have to log into Instagram, Facebook (or a/n other chosen platform), and you will see information presented as fact, supported by scientific-sounding terminology and superficially convincing arguments – but characterised by unfounded assertions, anecdotal evidence, and a lack of peer-reviewed scrutiny. Why is this important to recognise? Why does it […]

AI, AI everywhere! I’m a medical writer, what should I think?

The pace of technological development in all areas of life can be discombobulating. Sentences can feel out of date almost as they are written. As medical writers, this has not passed us by. There is a constant anxiety that one is going to be falsely accused of using ChatGPT to do all the heavy lifting, […]