A day in the life of a freelance medical writer

Rachel Pascal | Freelance medical and healthcare copywriter |

As much as I love a system or two to keep me in line, life as a freelance medical writer can be…unpredictable (to say the least)! Each day, you set out with a post-it note of well-ordered intentions and before you know it, there’s a curveball. A call to jump on, an offer of exciting […]

My Content Pillars as a freelance health and medical writer

health and medical writing projects

If you’ve decided to promote your business online, you will know all about content pillars. People talk about them all the time. And they are right to, because content pillars are so important.  If you’ve not done it already, I suggest you take the time to decide on your content pillars. Why? Because if you […]

Freelancing and mental health: top tips for seeking balance as a freelance writer

three top tips for freelance writing portfolio

This blog is about looking after your mental health as a freelancer. But, that’s not where this story starts. I’ve been working for communications agencies in writing and editing roles since I was 21.  What does this look like? Long hours, exciting work, travel, if you’re lucky. Expectations can be high. So can the rewards. […]

Medical writing vs. health writing: is there a difference?

The difference between health writing and medical writing

Whether you’re seeking information on a new treatment, trying to understand a health condition you’ve been diagnosed with, or you are simply looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you’ve likely come across various forms of health and medical writing. While these terms are often used interchangeably, it’s crucial to understand the nuanced differences between health […]

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