Need a medical writing mentor? Five reasons to make me your mentor

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When I started my freelance health and medical writing business, I had no idea I would become a mentor to others, someone who people reached out to for support and guidance.

At first, I was dedicated to nurturing leads and networking, ultimately focused on finding work. For some months it was non-stop as I sought to create relationships with clients, build my brand and marketing strategy, and cultivate an identity on social media. I made networking calls an integral part of my early growth strategy (I’ve spoken many times about the positive power of discussing business strategy with others).

After a while, though, I noticed something. Other writers were contacting me asking for advice. I realised people wanted to listen to what I had to say. They wanted to ask me questions. They wanted to learn from me. 

At first, I was hesitant. Was my story really that interesting? Could it help others? It turns out, yes was the answer to both questions. I reminded myself I was not offering hyperbole. I was offering the benefit of experience, from someone who has made good money writing in the world of health and wellbeing. From someone whose writing experience goes well beyond freelancing. From someone who has organically grown her own successful business from scratch. From someone who balances family and business as best she can.

So why me? Why would you put your faith in me to help you? 

Reaching out to others to ask for support is often tricky. That pesky ego gets right in the way. To help you make up your mind, here are five reasons I believe I make a great mentor:

  1. I’ll give you the benefit of my experience

I’ve been writing health and medical-focused copy and content for more than ten years, as an agency writer and a freelancer. I’d say that puts me in a pretty good place to help you with your words! I’ve written for so many purposes in that time too: to educate, inspire, lead, sell, and everything in between, so I have a range of different projects I can refer to when we discuss your work.

  1. I’ll give you my attention

I listen. Actively. I’m not a mentor who will talk at you. Often during a session, the floor is yours and I keep quiet. Quietly, actively listening. I’ll be processing as you speak, taking on board what you’re saying, but also listening to what you’re not saying. Often, that is just as powerful.

  1. I’ll give you honesty

Because this is important. A good mentor doesn’t just agree and nod. A good mentor asks questions, challenges and prompts you to think. I want to help you question your decisions and ensure they are made for the right reasons. I know you’ll appreciate this kind of encouragement. 

  1. I’ll give you my time

As a freelancer, you know how quickly the minutes turn into hours and the day disappears. I promise, the time we spend will be valuable. Putting a small percentage of your working day aside to unload all those ideas buzzing around your brain is time well spent. You may well arrive with a page-long agenda to cover, but we’ll likely go off topic at some point too. And that’s more than ok. A mentoring session goes wherever you want it to.  

  1. I’ll give you confidence

When I connect with aspiring writers, they often have great things planned in their heads, they just need the confidence to go ahead and DO. IT. And, perhaps, a fresh pair of eyes and ears to help along the way. By the end of our time together, you’ll feel more than able to move ahead with confidence. 

As always, thank you so much for reading. I know the idea of reaching out to ask for help from someone you don’t know isn’t easy, but just drop me a message and I’ll take care of the rest. Investment for a one-off mentoring call with me is £150 (1 hour). Or, you can book me for 3 sessions at £300 (3 hours).  

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