Top tips for using social media as a freelance writer

Social media for freelance writers

One business. Two social media platforms. A blog. Marketing yourself as a freelance writer can be quite the challenge!

Recently, I’ve pushed past 1000 followers on LinkedIn and 500 on Instagram. These may not seem like astronomical numbers to many, but for me they are markers that I’m on track with my strategy. Importantly, I am starting to see success in converting these followers into paying clients.

Yes, there’s a lot to think about. Repurposing content across platforms is a great help, but it takes consistency and attention to detail to keep turning up online. It’s never quite as simple as copy and paste!

Still, I’m feeling in my marketing groove lately. I just feel a bit more…in control.

With that in mind, this blog focuses on my top tips for success using social media to promote your business online, particularly if you are a freelance writer.

1. Find you social media sweet spot

One important thing I’ve learnt since starting my own business… the secret to feeling that little bit more relaxed is: balance.

My advice, commit to what’s sensible in the context of your business and life. If using all the online platforms suits you, that’s perfect. If you can commit to posting three times a week, do it! But, do think carefully about what your business needs. Some platforms work better than others, depending on your writing niche.

Where is your audience hanging out? What do they want to see? Are you looking to create an online presence, do you need somewhere to store your portfolio, or do you want to win clients through your social media pages?

My sweet spot clicked into place when I revisited who I wanted to reach with my content and what my message was.

If you look at my Instagram now, you’ll see a clean grid with a focus on simple, colourful design. And, the content is focused on mentoring tips and tricks for freelance writers. Over on LinkedIn, my content speaks to potential writing clients in the health and medical space, and potential mentees (more than that below).

2. My three-day posting strategy

Let’s take a deep dive into my Instagram posting strategy…

  • Day one is always a series of tips and tricks about making it as a freelance health writer. I use a carousel to convey my voice and keep followers scrolling.
  • Day two I use a short and sweet reel, utilising the power of trending audio and adding a little more personality. This has been great for my engagement numbers but also my self confidence in front of the camera.
  • Day three I go for another carousel, but this time focused on my mentoring services. This is a new part of my business and something I have enjoyed incorporating into my posts. 

This structured way of thinking has changed the way I approach posting on Instagram. I’m delivering my message more consistently and the purpose of my time on socials is clearer.

3. What about LinkedIn?

I use LinkedIn differently to Instagram, as I want to attract both potential writing clients and mentees. I’ve always found it a little easier to grow over there. In fact, from the day I started my business, I have received inbound requests for work availability. How do I do it?

  • I started by optimising my profile. I made sure the ‘About’ section includes all the key words my ideal clients are searching for (medical writer, health writer, freelance, etc, as well as all the different types of work I offer…). I also focus on the ‘value-add’ I bring to clients; I have found this to be more effective than simply describing who I am.
  • I made sure to add all the contacts I have from my time as an agency writer, as well as adding other individuals who work for my ideal clients.
  • I stick mostly to written posts, occasionally with a picture, but more often than not I just let my writing do the talking.
  • I show up regularly, sharing content from my blog, portfolio items, testimonials, top tips, and more.

4. Engage for effect

I’m more active with my engagement in recent months and ensure I take the time to comment on others’ posts and stories before publishing my own posts.

The results speak for themselves.

It works two ways, after all. Nowadays I’m understanding that ’tribe’ that is always talked about. Having a community as a freelancer is a beautiful thing and it definitely makes me look forward to posting content nowadays. 


To wrap up

I’m invested in trial and error when it comes to my online marketing. I’ll happily try different types of content and experiment with strategy. I also appreciate that organic growth takes time. By embracing my analytics a little more regularly, I understand how to audit my accounts and make the necessary changes to grow.

Above all, I’ve made peace with the fact that social media is an important part of my business, but it is not my business. Balance is key.

As always, thank you so much for being here. 

If you struggle to organise your social media, consider hopping on a mentoring call with me. I offer sessions for aspiring health and medical writers and would be more than happy to help shape your day. 

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